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From the traditional perspective, acupuncture works by re-establishing a healthy flow of energy in the body; this enables the body to use its own resources more efficiently, so that it can heal more quickly and more thoroughly.

Acupuncture can can potentially help with nearly anything, as acupuncture encourages your body’s own healing capacity. Acupuncture can speed the healing of acute problems, it can help manage chronic pain. Acupuncture is especially effective for any condition which is worsened by stress. Here is a partial list of condition that may be successfully treated with acupuncture:

  • back pain, neck pain
  • common cold, lowered immunity, allergies & asthma
  • digestive problems, acid reflux, colitis & IBS
  • diarrhea & constipation
  • insomnia, stress, anxiety & depression
  • addictions, smoking cessation and withdrawal support
  • tendonitis, tennis elbow & frozen shoulder
  • headaches, migraines & TMJ
  • chronic pain & arthritis
  • acne, eczema, psoriasis & skin rashes
  • menstrual irregularities & menopause
  • fertility issues, morning sickness, delayed labour
  • side effects of radiation & chemotherapy

Please note that we do recommend that people check in with their regular doctor, especially for pains or infections that do not change with treatment or continue to get worse. If you are on any prescription medications, please don’t stop taking your medicine without checking in with your prescribing physician.