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Mudasser Chaudhry
Mudasser ChaudhryRegistered Acupuncturists, Chinese Medicines, Homeopathy, Tibb Nabi, Hijama(Cupping)

For over a decade, Mudasser Chaudhry has been involved in healing patients using Natural and Holistic medicine modalities. He comes from a family where both of his parents are medicines practitioners. His journey of medicines started at a very early age from home. He started to feel the passion of medicines, and dreamed of becoming health practitioner. Although, he was accepted in a Bachelor of Medicine program in Chain; he decided to against the mainstream medical “Allopathic Medicines” pharmacologically and instead studied Holistic Medicines, such as Homoeopathy. He received his Homeopathy Degree from Punjab School of Homeopathy.

Soon, after this, Mudasser Chaudhry migrated to Canada with is family. After his arrival, he was enrolled in International Business Management Degree program at York University Toronto, where he studied for two years. During his years at York University, Mudasser Chaudhry became a very active member of Muslim Student Association York University. He helped, and organized events and seminars for the Association, and established a great bond with his community.

During this time, he realized that his true passion relies in Medical field where one person can help the humanity in a greater way. Therefore, enrolled himself in Traditional Chinese Medicines, Acupuncture & Natural Herbalist Program, and received his Ontario Registered TCM, & Herbalist designation. With of years of practice and experience, Mudasser has become a expert in medical diagnosis of chronic diseases.

At Present, Mudasser Chaudhry is helping his community, and reaching out to people who are suffering from serious diseases, and have little or no understanding of Holistic Medical and its treatments.In his clinic (Chaudhry Clinic) located at 2155 Lawrence Ave East Toronto, and 2444 Hourontario Road Mississauga .

He hosts various radio talk shows programs, write articles for local news papers and online consultations.

Please make sure to check Blog Page for articles on various health issues and diseases.

Yaqub Chaudhry
Yaqub ChaudhryRegistered Acupuncturists, Chinese Medicines, Homeopathy, Tibb Nabi, Hijama(Cupping)

Muhammad Yaqub, native of Jhelum, Pakistan has a unique combination of alternative medicine; homeopathy, herbal medicine, Chinese medicine and Tibbe Nabvi (treatment suggested by Prophet Muhammad, (s.a.w.). The blend of different type of alternate medicines gives him the wisdom to rightly diagnose the patients and treat them.

In his clinic (Chaudhry Clinic) located at 1303 Gerrard St. East Toronto, and 2444 Hourontario Road Mississauga, patients visit with the hope to treat their typical diseases that were not cured by allopathic medicines. “The allopathic medicine is not to cure any disease but to control and manage the disease and make you a life-long user. Furthermore these medicines have several side effects.” This is the consensus of doctor and patients.

Yaqub has completed four years degree program from Institute of Traditional Medicine, Toronto, and graduated in Chinese medicine and acupuncture few years ago. Before his medical education in Canada, Dr. Yaqub completed the diploma in homeopathy from National Homeopathic medical college, Rawalpindi, Pakistan, in 1974, and a graduate degree in Tibb (herbal medicine) from Ajmal Tibbiya College, Rawalpindi, in 1976.

He practiced homeopathy and Tibb for 18 years in Jhelum before he migrated to Canada in 2006. It shows high commitment and devotion to his profession that after a complete education and several years of experience, he was ready to go to four-year further education and spent $30,000 to fulfill the Canadian requirements to practice alternate medicine.

Yaqub’s Islamic and Pakistani background and his knowledge of Prophetic medicine, gvae him a strong sense to diagnose the disease by checking the pulse and tongue. Pulse and tongue are the main diagnostic tools for the person who have good knowledge and experience to check patients. The front tip of tongue shows heart position. Right side of middle tongue shows the position of liver and left side of tongue shows the spleen position. Middle shows to match position, and back of tongue shows intestines position. To get your proper checkup with plus-points, visit Chaudhry Clinic for the treatments.