About Chaudhry Clinic

At Chaudhry Clinic, we have forty years of practice experience in Homeopathy, Acupuncture, Hijama, Cupping therapy, Tibba Nabvi, Traditional Chinese Medicines, and Natural Herbs. We treat diseases’ that cannot cured with others systems of medicines such as Hypertension, High cholesterol level, Bones and Backpain, and Male and Female diseases.

In addition to clinical diagnosis, we manufacture natural & herbal products in Canada under highly supervision of qualified persons with strict hygiene standards. We import the best herbs all over the world to make most effective remedies and formulas to ensure best results.

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We perform Hijama under guide line of Tibb Nabvi in accordance of Chiniese’s Theory. We use new disposable instruments per each treatment. Our Clinics are fully equipped with all the necessary medical equipment’s for diagnosis purpose, and our environment is atmormaphic bacteria free.

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At Chaudhry Clinic, we have countless success stories with our patients, and our patients visit Chaudhry Clinic with the hope to treat their typical diseases that were not cured by allopathic system of medicines. The allopathic medicine is not to cure any disease but to control and manage the disease and make you a life-long user. Furthermore, these medicines have several side effects.