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Mudasser Chaudhry

Registered Acupuncturists, Chinese Medicines Practitioner, Natural Herbalist, Homeopathy, Tibb Nabi, Hijama(Cupping)Therapy Practitioner

Mudasser Chaudhry has been involved in healing patients using Natural and Holistic medicine modalities. He comes from a family where both of his parents are medicines practitioners. His journey of medicines started at a very early age from home. He started to feel the passion of medicines, and dreamed of becoming health practitioner. He star his Journey as Homoeopathy, He received his Homeopathy Degree from Punjab School of Homeopathy.
mudasser chaudhry
Soon, after this Mudasser Chaudhry migrated to Canada with his family. After his arrival he was enrolled in International Business Management Degree program at York University Toronto, where he studied for two years. During his years at York University Mudasser Chaudhry became a very active member of Muslim Student Association York University. He helped and organized events, seminars for the Association to established a great bond with his community.

During this time, he realized that his true passion relies in Medical field where one person can help the humanity in a greater way. Therefore, enrolled himself in Acupuncture, Natural Herbalist ,Traditional Chinese Medicines and received his Ontario License as Acupuncturist ,TCM , Homeopathic & Herbalist designation.After That He Enroll In University Of Toronto Professional Development  Course With of 30 years of practice and experience, Mudasser Chaudhry has become a expert in medical diagnosis of chronic diseases.

Mudasser Chaudhry is Registered Acupuncturist, he is the practice Acupuncture as art of healing. Acupuncture was begins in North America since 1971,when American present Visit china he become sick not medicine work for him, some advice him for acupuncture, he become healthy after being treated with acupuncture, world health organization(WHO) approved acupuncture for 43 diseases,

Acupuncture having different kinds

Acupuncture is penetrating the skin with thin, solid, metallic needles which are then activated through gentle and specific movements of the practitioner’s hands, human body has more than 2,000 acupuncture points connected by pathways or meridians. These pathways create an energy flow (Qi, pronounced “chee”) through the body that is responsible for overall health. Disruption of the energy flow can cause disease. By applying acupuncture to certain points, it is thought to improve the flow of Qi, thereby improving health.

Hijama, cupping

Hijama, cupping or bloodletting, is one of his specializations. Narrated Ibn ‘Abbas, (the Prophet said), “Healing is in three things: a gulp of honey, Hijama cupping, and branding with fire (cauterizing).” But I forbid my followers to use (cauterization) branding with fire” (Sahih Bukhari, Volume 7, Book 71, Number 584).
Now a day, Hijama Cupping is popular in Korea and Japan where they did a lot of research. Hijama the bloodletting from skin, suck the dead cells of the blood form body.
Mudasser Chaudhry practice Hijama (cupping) According to Sunnah of Prophet Muhammad (Sallallahu ‘Alaihi wa Sallam ) Which is Writing Down in Tibb Nabvi Books And Acupuncture back shu points of body organs with modern tools, specialized blades, and disposable cups, Needles, Hijama machine and hygienic Bacteria Free environment.
“I am the first Pakistani who practicing cupping in Canada,”
“Hijama can protect you from heart attack, It also Cure from diseases according to sunnah If your arteries are blocked, first try Hijama you might not need surgery,”
There are herbs and foods that have been used or suggested by Prophet Muhammad (s.a.w) in different diseases and for better health. Mudasser Chaudhry uses those Foods and herbs in Treatment. Mudasser Chaudhry said that our community doesn’t give any attention to their health. The earning person works hard to sustain and maintain the family, but he or she hardly pays attention to him- or herself.
The health Canada reports shows that the diabetic will be double in few years in Canada and mostly Asian peoples will suffer more form it He said that diabetes is increasing mostly in Asian communities. He referred a conference on diabetes recently held in Toronto in which he attended and presented his research. The issues of the conference were the reason of diabetes and why it is increasing in Asian communities, and the treatment methods and suggestions. In Canada sixty percent diabetic patient are type -2 in type two the pancreases make insulin or making low insulin or the receptor are not working properly or liver do not use it properly. Or the metabolism process of liver is not good or spleen and liver disharmony.
He said that it was established fact that stress and depression is the prime cause of diabetes. Sorrows of life and thinking of problematic issues affect heart, liver, spleen, and stomach. It affects all the major organs, and our treatment is to fix the functioning of major organs.
“Our treatment varies with individual to individual,” he said. “Other major causes are no physical exercise and excessive use of junk and pre-packed or canned foods.”
“Take care of your health. Assign at least one hour exclusively for your health. Wudu (Ablution) decreases the stress level. Offering Salat (prayer), recitation of Quran and remembering Allah is most effective way to decrease distress. Use vegetables and fruits in your meals. Never eat pure meat, Prepare meat with vegetables. Goat and Lamb meats are better than beef and Chickens,” Chaudhry advised.
Chaudhry himself buys Australian imported halal goat meat. He said that these goats eat grass in open jungle and mountain and are healthy.In the area of alternate medicine in Canada where mostly other communities dominate.
Mudasser Chaudhry’s Islamic and Pakistani background and his knowledge of Prophetic medicine, a strong sense to diagnose the disease by checking the pulse and tongue.

What we check in your pulse

Pulse and tongue main diagnostic tool for the person who have good knowledge and experience to check patients. While checking the Pulse patient stretches out his wrists or lays them on a small oblong cushion on the table. The Practitioner will use three fingers to take the patient’s pulse at three positions on each wrist above the radial artery, Pulse qualities is speed amplitude and shape give tactile details about what is going on inside the body, These are four Basic pulse Floating Deep Slow Rapid
Right hand where first finger tell us if there is lung problem, second finger tell us if there is liver problem, third Fighter tell us if there is right kidney problem. Left hand where first finger tell us if there is heart problem, second finger tell us if there is spleen problem, third finger tell us if there is left kidney problem

Tongue diagnosis

What Tongue shows The front tip of tongue shows heart position. Right side of middle tongue shows the position of liver and left side of tongue show the spleen position. Middle show stomach position and back of tongue show you intestines position. Yellow thick & greasy tongue fur means Damp heat inside , Front shows dry & red peeling in the heart region(tongue tip) It means Heart fire flaring (anxiety) , Crack in the center (Lung area) might be due to smoking , In the middle right, the crack means GB deficiency. There may be stones in the gallbladder ,Severe peeling found in the rear right side indicating Ki heat, Groove & slight teeth marks on the left edge means Liv Qi stagnation is lingering , By large he is suffering from Ht fire that entangled with Liv qi stagnancy to form a condition call “ Heart & Liver Fire Flaring which led to the heat in GB & Ki .
Mudasser Chaudhry reading of your pulse and Tongue will dictate what needs to be treated and how long it should take to correct. As your pulse and tongue will improves the patient will feel markedly better physically, emotionally, and energetically. Herbal medicine is a powerful tool to help restore the body and is the first choice in our clinic to help our patients get their vitality back!
CHAUDHRY Mudasser Certificate
mudasser chaudhry
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Mohammad Yaqub

Registered Acupuncturists, Chinese Medicines, Homeopathy, Tibbe Navbi, Hijama (Cupping) Therapy Practitioner, Herbalist
Muhammad Yaqub, native of Jhelum, Pakistan has a unique combination of alternative medicine; homeopathy, herbal medicine, Chinese medicine and Tibbe Nabvi (treatment suggested by Prophet Muhammad, (s.a.w.). The blend of different type of alternate medicines gives him the wisdom to rightly diagnose the patients and treat them.
Mohammad Yaqub
In his clinic (Chaudhry Clinic) located at Mississauga, patients visit with the hope to treat their typical diseases that were not cured by allopathic medicines. “The allopathic medicine is not to cure any disease but to control and manage the disease and make you a life-long user. Furthermore these medicines have several side effects.” This is the consensus of doctor and patients.
Yaqub has completed four years degree program from Institute of Traditional Medicine, Toronto, and graduated in Chinese medicine and acupuncture few years ago. Before his medical education in Canada, Yaqub completed the diploma in homeopathy from National Homeopathic medical college, Rawalpindi, Pakistan, in 1974, and a graduate degree in Tibb (herbal medicine) from Ajmal Tibbiya College, Rawalpindi, in 1976.

He practiced homeopathy and Tibb for 30 years in Jhelum before he migrated to Canada in 2004. It shows high commitment and devotion to his profession that after a complete education and several years of experience, he was ready to go to four-year further education and spent $60,000 to fulfill the Canadian requirements to practice alternate medicine.

Yaqub’s Islamic and Pakistani background and his knowledge of Prophetic medicine, gave him a strong sense to diagnose the disease by checking the pulse and tongue. Pulse and tongue are the main diagnostic tools for the person who have good knowledge and experience to check patients. The front tip of tongue shows heart position. Right side of middle tongue shows the position of liver and left side of tongue shows the spleen position. Middle shows to stomach position, and back of tongue shows intestines position. To get your proper checkup with plus-points, visit Chaudhry Clinic for the treatments.