Amsaki Capsule


Amsaki proprietary formulation containing herbal & classical medicinal preperations to restore the masculine in the male by restoring the reproductive physiology to produce semen with all parameters of potency.
Amsaki is ideal toner to enhance vigour, acts as vascular toner to reproductive glands, and improves the motility, morphology & Viability of vital germs by restoring the function of Sertoli’s cells, acting anti- oxidants to normalcy.
Amsaki also acts as stimulant thus improves stud performance.

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Amsaki Capsule
Akarkara has been considered a tonic used in remedy since ancient times, to aid the nervous system. It has been reported to motivate intimate urge as well as assist in
premature ejaculation and impotency in males .
Some herbalists imply that this herb may be of use for many other conditions such as
diabetes, treatment for epilepsy, paralysis, hemiplegia, and for sore throat and tonsils.

Tamarind is the fruit of Tamarindus indica popularly used in Asian cuisine. Roasted tamarind seeds are a popular snack amongst the rural population.
, tamarind seeds contain phosphorus, magnesium, vitamin c, potassium, calcium and amino acids. Tamarind seeds are shiny black in color and have numerous nutritional and health benefits.
Active compounds in the seeds include
• Polysaccharides (xyloglucans)
• Plant sterols (campesterol and β-sitosterol)
• Flavonoids (epicatechin)
• Tannins
• Protein and fatty acids (palmitic and linoleic acid)
Polysaccharides in tamarind seeds improve immune cell function and inhibit cancer growth by causing programmed cell death (apoptosis). On the other hand, they increase cell growth and division of healthy cells,
Epicatechins from the seeds have antioxidant, blood-sugar-lowering, and anti-cancer effects.
The abound inactive compounds, including
• Essential oils (limonene) and benzyl benzoate)
• Anti-inflammatory triterpenes (lupeol)
• Vitamins C E B1
• combination with various ingredients can help cure and prevent infertility problems in men. We may have heard that eating these fruits or after these exercises every day will surely increase fertility. Now add one more ingredient in your diet to get their benefits and to increase your sperm count. A bitter taste and mouth water tamarind sweets can give you results by curing infertility its root.
The tamarind is known as Indian date and has many special benefits for treating various health-related problems. Also it is known as partially dried fruit to have to reduce cold, cough, fever, and even nausea during pregnancy. In addition to all the other benefits of tamarind, which is very useful to cure infertility in men. Tamarind
water chestnut
Water chestnuts are a great source of fiber and provide 12% of the daily fiber recommendation for women and 8% for men.
Research shows that may help promote bowel movements, reduce blood cholesterol levels, regulate blood sugar levels and keep your gut healthy
Additionally, most of the calories in water chestnuts come from carbs.
However, they are generally low in calories, because raw water chestnuts are 74% water.
SUMMARY WATER chestnuts are very nutritious and contain high amounts of fiber, potassium, manganese, copper, vitamin B6 and riboflavin. Most of their calories come from carbs.

Kali musli is also used to increases potency, and to treat seminal weakness, STDs such as syphilis, gonorrhea, and menstrual derangements.
It is mainly used for diseases of the urogenital system in both males, and females.
Kali musli is tonic for health, and cures general weakness.
It is also prescribed in the treatment of piles, jaundice, asthma, diarrhea, and gonorrhea.
It is present in several herbal formulations for gynecological problems, and sexual weakness of males.
Kali musli is bitter, appetizer, nervine, adaptogenic, sedative, anticonvulsive, and rogenic, and anti-inflammatory drug


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