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Stop acne on face and repair skin where pimples it clear pimples and acne on the face

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The verse is older and only natural herbs which can bleach your skin naturally. It dissolves any scar wrinkles and makes form face make skin fresh and glow.

Flemingia grahamiana is one of the principal sources of the Arab called ‘waras’, ‘wars’, or ‘warus’. Waras is a coarse purple or brilliant orange-brown powder, consisting of single hairs and dark gland globules rubbed from dry fruits. The powder is used in India, the Arab world, and in Africa mainly for dyeing silk and cotton a golden-yellow, but also for other purposes such as dyeing bamboo for baskets and making colored ink. It does not seem to be applied to wool. It is also used as a cosmetic by placing a small portion of the powder in the palm of the hand and moistening it with water; the hands are then rubbed together, producing a lather of a bright gamboge color, which is applied as required.

the cream is equally good for all types of skin and all types of climatic. in this cream No side effects.How to Apply Wash your face and dry it. Apply Verse Goori Cream in very small quantities. At night after applying the cream, do not rub or massage. Rather leave it on your skin and use it at night.


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